Friday, 16 March 2007

Premium Rate Phone Cards 2

Recently I was coming off the train at Blackheath station and lo and behold there were several people dishing out phonecards promising huge discounts and free minutes to unsuspecting passers by. Taking a closer look I could see that these were very similar if not the same phonecard as had previously rung up a gigantic phone bill.

It is astounding that these companies can carry on doing this to visitors to this country.

Thursday, 8 March 2007

Dutch National Postcode Lottery

Wow! I have won the lottery again. This time in a different country without even entering.

If it wasn't for these emails I would not even know these lotteries existed. Apparantly they ask for a fee upfront for fake worthless certificate.

Whatever you do, do not send any money top these people.

The real Dutch "Nationale Postcode Loterij N.V."
explains on its website (
Warning: fake e-mails Postcode LotteryPlease be careful with messages you have received from the Postcode Lottery telling you've won a prize, because it might be a hoax. Currently we are trying very hard to find out who is responsible for this. We would like to point out that any prizes you win in our lottery will automatically be transferred to your bank account. Any message you might receive telling you to take any action in order to obtain a prize is surely fake.