Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Credit Card Cloning

A few months ago I was checking my bank balance and noticed a couple of transactions that were unusual ( especially as they were for £250). On closer inspection these transactions were taken in euros and from holland. I had to stop and think for a moment as I had just returned from abroad ( Ireland though not Holland, but was expecting foreign exchange transactions). I immediately phoned my bank (Natwest, very good and helpful) and explained these eroneous transactions and got put through to the Fraud department .There they explained that there were several more transactions that were queing up on my account from ATM's in Holland, they said my card had been cloned and was probably from a petrol station or similar and advised me that if a shop has used the chip'n'pin device they do not and should not also swipe your card. If they do then this is probably a fraudulant action and possible cloning process. Apparantly when this happens they have your pin from the cctv and the card number from the swipe.

Just yesterday I went into my local Threshers for a bottle of wine, payed on my switch and entered my pin. They then swiped my card before I knew it, unwanting to cause a scene I left the shop with the thought of ' Oh no not again'. I promptly went to the nearest cashpoint and changed my pin number, just to be on the safe side.

Note to self - Hide entry of pin, watch them swipers and check bank account regularly.


Omega Mum said...

Useful. Are you going to do something on the petrol station card cloning - police were advising everyone, ideally, to pay in cash because such a huge problem.

AntiScam said...

omega mum,

Funny you should say that, I wrote this as it brought back memories from abbout a year ago when I was told by Natwest Fraud department, when my card had been cloned and used in Holland, that it was probably done in a petrol station. They are the ones that told me about the swiping and use of the chip'n'pin device is not necessary ( unless its Tesco when they are linked where the action of swiping activates the device not swipe and stick it in the device as well)

James Elson said...

This seems to be standard practise at Threshers. I've had my card swiped after paying by Chip 'n' Pin in three different stores. I did ask one of them why, and they mumbled something about their systems requiring it. Which is rubbish of course. I authorised the transaction, there's no need for them to keep any other details on record.

My guess is they're using the credit card details as a key to keep track of your purchases.

shannon said...

this has happened to me before, the hackers and/or theives get a little device (actually available on ebay, or pretty much anywhere) and attach it to the swipe part of the credit card processing terminal. they then can take the information off the device, and embed it (or something) onto the magnetic strip of any other card they want. so even though it looks like they're paying with a card with THEIR name on it, they were really MY numbers programmed there on the strip. had no idea about them being able to get your pin number, thought! that's crazy!

Anonymous said...

natwest are pretty good my debit card had been cloned and the fraud line phoned within 20 mins of the failed transaction in maylasia,luckly for me they tried to get cash from atm machine they had also tried in china the day b4,my card was blocked straight away,as is a solo.again most i'v used the card at petrol staitions i'll be paying cash in future.

Cpugeni said...

It's just happened to me - 2 transactions totalling ~£160. I've no idea where the card would of been cloned since it was over the Christmas period and I had loads of transactions. :(

Your information is very helpful. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

The BP Garage on Hobbs Moat Road in Solihull cloned my wife's card on Wed 4th February 2009.
Use petrol stations with cashpoints and withdraw the cash to pay for your petrol is my advice form now on.
The demise of every theif is greed and their greed will only make them easier to catch up with.

Anonymous said... is scamming
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Anonymous said...

Fuel card cloned by Chellow Heights Petrol station April 2010, Howarth Rd Bradford.