Friday, 23 February 2007

Two for one offer!

I do not know whether it is a lack of training or bad cashup systems, but every now and then I get conned into picking up a two for one offer or buy two for £2.50 type offer at my local Tesco express to find when I get home the offer has not gone through.

Is there a special button to press prior to taking your money that not all cashiers press? Are they trained not to press said button unless asked to in the hope that you do not notice?

Advice and note to self - prompt cashier to calculate discounts prior to leaving the shop.


Scruffy Mummy said...

My bugbear is online discounts when sometimes I've missed out on my discount as I've gone too far down the road on the way to checkout and have missed the bit when it says to enter the voucher or discount number. I think they should highlight when you have to enter this number or give you a 2nd chance when you actually enter in the coupon number.

AntiScam said...

I must admit if I have a code then I look very closely for the place to enter it, but I can appreciate that if you miss it you either say 'forget it' and carry on or have to start all over again. It should be just before checkout and maybe force you to enter/select something to indicate no code or enter a valid code. This would ensure that the customer stops and thinks about the voucher code. Although this would be favouring the customer god forbid !

beta mum said...

I always check on the till receipt, while only two feet away from the checkout, that those 2-for-1 offers have gone through.
It's too late once you've left the shop, and I'm thrifty and untrusting at the best of times.

AntiScam said...


Thanks for your wise words.
I think it is so easy to think, 'have I got it right or did I misread the 2 for 1 sign and will make a fool of myself by bringing it up'. I for one have done this before in a busy queue, but for sure the offer should be challenged if it has not gone through.

On a similar note, I also got some batteries cheap at Sainsbury's once as a sign had said 2 for 1, but the offer was actually over and the offer never came up at the till. On going to customer services though, to the annoyance of the customer service agent, they gave me some cash back.