Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Unsolicited sales calls

Gorden Bennett, I had another one of those stupid sales calls last night, you know the ones, they phone you up and clarify who they are speaking to and try and sell you something like you are their best mate !

After a couple of seconds of his 'matey' behaviour talking about loans and the interest rate, I said ' If you are trying to sell me something I am not interested'.

To which I got the reply, 'Oh no sir I am not trying to sell anything, it is money I am offering you'.

I told him that he was trying to sell me a loan, so therefore trying to sell me something, but he persisted with the 'No sir I am not selling anything' so I hung up.

These people must think we were born yesterday.

There has to be better ways of making a living than making a complete nuisance of yourself to people.

Although there is a service to try and prevent these calls, telephone preference service (register here http://www.tpsonline.org.uk/tps/), of which I have registered, it does not prevent all calls and god knows how, but the calls still slip through.


dulwichmum said...

Why do they always phone when I am trying to get the kids into the bath?

Scruffy Mummy said...

When I get a call saying, 'Is the homeowner in?' I always say, 'So sorry, but I'm just renting!' They can't end the call quick enough!

AntiScam said...

Good point, scruffy mummy. Sometimes they ask if they are speaking to Mr xxxx, as its usually late they have reeled you in and engaged. I am learning though from my wife who always interupts and says ' you are selling something, not interested' and hangs up straight away. On the cheerful side I found the audacity of this particular call quite funny.

Scruffy Mummy said...

A friend of mine who has a brother with mental health problems says unsoliticted phone calls cause him real distress. He suffers from parnoia and has delusions and it some of these calls really worry him. It should be made illegal

AntiScam said...

That is really bad. I hate cold calling and some people can be really insistent. I suspect that even hanging up won't put them off and they will phone back.

beta mum said...

Usually I put the phone down when I hear that slight delay followed by background noise of lots of people in a big room.
But recently I stayed on and told the caller that the person they were trying to contact - me - had died.
Lots of backtracking and apologising followed, so I felt quite guilty about making the caller (doubtless on crap pay plus commission) feel awful.

AntiScam said...

I must be far to nice and polite on most occasions.

Anonymous said...

206-229-9830 Just received an Unwanted, Unrequested and Unsolicited phone call from a man SCREAMING "JANS ATM dot com!" over and over again. He even spelled it out "That's J A N S A T M dot com!" Machine caller offered NO removal request options or why this call was even being placed. I have the ENTIRE phone call saved onto my answering machine and will be using this evidence to seek out legal actions, as well as monetary indemnification, from this caller for violating my privacy, as well as for violating the Federal Do Not Call List, which ALL of my household phones (Home and Cell) are and have been on since it's inception.

On that same coincidental note, I received a letter response from the FCC in Today's mail in regards to a complaint that I filed against another unsolicited phone caller, and have been advised that I DO have legal grounds to seek legal action and monetary indemnification from said Spammer (Unsolicited Calls and Text Messages)! Yay for Democracy in action actually working for once!

Let this be a lesson to all of the Unscrupulous Telemarketers out there who STILL call us, all the while violating the DNC list - We are NOT going to take your harassment any longer, and some of us WILL be seeking legal actions against you, including monetary restitution AND possible jail time required on your behalf.

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